About Us
Our Story
Every initiative has a story behind and we have the same. Growing with a dream to establish a jewelry business and the turnaround decision was firmly taken in between two people trusting the determination and capabilities of each other. We first landed with the name, “Piraya”- is a Persian girl name which means “Adornment”, “Jewels”, “Jewelry”, “Gold”.
Our Team
“We are TWO but work like TEN “, from idea to creation we give all our efforts to make it right. Just like Partners for life we are equal partners in our dreams and hard work. This ground team is extending in size each day. Our dedicated artisans, design team, Model developing team and the entire carrier staff is doing a wonderful job helping us grow beautifully. At Piraya, we rejoice each day, every situation and celebrate all the occasions joyfully. That’s the way we work like a team and strive to come up with solutions and innovations each time we indulge.
About the Owner and Founder – Neha Banthia
(Company Secretary, EXIM Management by Indian Institute of Foreign Trade and a CAD designer) Piraya Jewels is a Sole-proprietorship firm owned by Neha Banthia. Carrying years of work experience in the fields of Accounts, Taxation and Finance, the legal face and structure of the firm has been constructed by her. Along with operations, Each and every action is being completed under the direct /indirect supervision. With the mission of establishing a giant sustainable jewelry organisation she moves ahead every day!

“ Passion to work out of the Comfort Zone will surely lead us to the ladder of success… Creativity is far bigger than this universe and serves none other than ourselves…”
– Neha Banthia
About the Manager –
Paras Banthia
Paras Banthia has an exposure of International Marketing with SEZ Companies for more than five years. His passion and ultimate love for jewelry creativity, designing concepts and manufacturing has leaded the existence of firm. With time this man has gained experience of global markets, client handling and shipping terminologies. He is well acquainted with variety of stones and their quality. He takes care of entire Marketing and Manufacturing management of the firm. Human resource training and handling is inclusive and addition to his set of responsibilities.

“We rise by conserving the environment and lifting others”